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Holiday Island (New Update)

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Holiday Island APK Download _v0.1.1.1 (Latest Version) - Adult Game

Holiday Island APK Download _v0.1.1.1 (Latest Version) - Adult Game for Android is very popular and thousand of gamers around the world download it here with any PAYMENTS.Get it now for FREE! Just a few easy steps and you are enjoying full version of the game for tablet or phone!

Holiday Island APK Download _v0.1.1.1 (Latest Version) – Adult Game for Android is very popular and thousand of gamers around the world download it here with any PAYMENTS.Get it now for FREE! Just a few easy steps and you are enjoying full version of the game for tablet or phone!


Updated: 31 Jul 2018
Developer/Publisher@darkhound1 @ DevianART | Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: beta
OS: Linux/Mac/Win
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Dating Sim, Oral Sex, Voyeurism


Holiday Island APK Download Game story:

You (the player) have just won a lottery for a holiday on a tiny, remote Pacific island…but not just any island! It is packed from the beach to the bedroom with a buffet of the world’s most beautiful girls! (The game’s intro section covers all of this in loving detail!) Besides the parade of enormous boobs, perfect butts and various types of…let’s say, “unclothed intimacy”, there is also a growing mystery your character will uncover and find himself right at the center of!


Game content

  • Ridiculously sexy girls looking incredible in evening wear, bikinis, and often much less, found all throughout the island’s many locations (beach, pool, bar, restaurant, different hotel rooms, massage area, lobby, etc.)
  • There is posing, dancing, workout sessions, fun at the pool, hugging, kissing, lesbian sex, masturbation, titfucking, blowjobs and sex in all types of poses, including animations and video sequences!
  • Version 0.0.9 alpha of the game has more than 400 MB of content!
  • So far, I have created total more than 2.100 images and video sequences.
  • With more than 30.000 lines of code and dialogue, you will never be short of things to do, places to explore, and girls to bring to overpowering orgasms, all over every inch of Holiday Island APK Download !


Changelog v0.1.1.1 – beta (mainly bug fix for
The update has 135 new renders right now!
New features and content 

  • Renée gets the groping renders
  • Eva gets a pretty hot scene after weight lifting
  • Eva gets the groping renders
  • Eva and Heather get “come, follow me” images that are used in certain events as a starter (e.g. weight lifting, walk on the beach)
  • Eva gets the weight lifting scene with additional images
  • Eva gets the walk on the beach scene
  • Eva gets the pool play scene with additional images (jump in and climb out)

Minor improvements and changes 

  • Amy gets an additional “achievement” for her masturbation scene. All of her masturbation scenes get multiple image option. The scene has been improved a bit in general (some dialogue, picture blending, guy shower added)
  • Alice, Amy, Desire, Faye, Aly get groping images updated
  • Walk on the beach event has been changed in the phone achievement app
  • Some smaller dialogue changes to Renée’s herself dialogue

Bug fixes 

  • Yvette masturbation event can lead to a crash: “change_max_char_affection”
  • There is a blank screen for about a second when you play with some girls in the pool.
  • Hacking function is broken. It seems to be a Renpy bug. I worked around it to fix it.
  • Handing over gifts to girls is broken in all locations except reception and restaurant. Will lead to a crash. Bool object…
  • File “Natasha_event_room_service6.jpg” is missing and leads to a missing image crash during her room service scene.
  • Groping a girl at reception can lead to a mssing image crash. The file “None_night_grope.png” is missing.
  • Groping a girl at the restaurant can lead to a missing image crash.


Extras: Fan-signature – Cheats – Mod

MOD Notes:

This is a cheat mod that doesn’t need to change any original files of the game and it can be removed with ease. If the DEV doesn’t change the variables this mod can work even for future releases of the game.

To enter the cheat menu just press my mod logo or ‘z’. Some of you have reported that after some game days the ‘z’ key doesn’t work so if you encounter this problem just use the mod logo.

For now it works with the new update.

Added version 0.2.5 for the mod!!! Done with the help of @darkhound1 

Special thanks to @THADEADMAN for testing the mod.

If you found this useful, consider giving a like as thanks and/or encouragement to do more.

And if you have any problems with the mod please tell me.



Holiday Island APK Download OLD VERSION HISTORY:

_v0.0.9.2 =  DOWNLOAD APK (228.4MB)



Holiday Island APK [v0.1.5.1] [darkhound1]







File Name: Holiday Island (New Update) File Version: v0.1.1.1
Click the download button below, in some case, there is more than one file to be downloaded, usually, it’s the APK file and the Data files. In order for the game to be working flawlessly, you need to download both of them. Click the download button and then you’ll be redirected to the download server (sometimes we stored our files in Google Drive).

Download the game APK file, After Download Finish, tap the downloaded file in your notification bar and Install.

Or go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder, find the game apk and install it.

Install Blocked?
Go to your Settings > Security > Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)

Download game APK file and Game Cache

Go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder.

Find the gamecache file and tap long press the file and tap the menu in your phone and tap Extract or Decompressed.

After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file

You can now Install the apk and open it.

Cant get it?
See our video How to install with gamecache in facebook fan page
To know your phone GPU you need to install certain apps, or just do a little search about your phone on Google. If you prefer withan apps, you can try to download CPU-Z.


10 responses to “Holiday Island (New Update)”

  1. Charlie says:

    Is this game has sounds

  2. Rutherford says:

    How can I get the girls to the scene *you know what I mean*. Because its kind of more on long talks.

    • Yeet says:

      You have to use the little target with the arrow in the corner under special conditons. Use your phone and the app with the people, then find the woman you want and click the undiscovered events to see conditions.

  3. Jojar says:

    I can’t install this app

  4. Hiring manager says:

    Bugs spotted…why the sling swimsuit of amy i can’t see in store

  5. One says:

    Is any save data for this game?

  6. bsuvks says:

    dude, pls make the apk for the newest ver

  7. no android Type that’s so sad

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