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Summertime Saga (HotFix Release)

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Summertime Saga APK Download (Latest Version) _v0.18 [Adult Game]

Summertime Saga APK Download (Latest Version) _v0.18 [Adult Game] for Android game is very popular and thousand of gamers around the world download it here with any PAYMENTS.Get it now for FREE! Just a few easy steps and you are enjoying full version of the game for tablet or phone!

[caption id="attachment_3246" align="alignnone" width="400"]summertime saga apk download summertime saga apk download[/caption]

Summertime Saga APK Download (Latest Version) _v0.18 [Adult Game] for Android game is very popular and thousand of gamers around the world download it here with any PAYMENTS.Get it now for FREE! Just a few easy steps and you are enjoying full version of the game for tablet or phone!   Summertime Saga APK Download is an adult game made by: DarkCookie (Art, Story, Design & Dialogue), NhKPaNdA (Lead Code), Hurfy (Code & Posing), Catbug (Dialogue & Posing), AoiichiNiiSan (Music & SFX), FL22 (Server side & Website) and sam9 (Stream, Discord & Awesomo’s daddy). Set in a small suburban town, a young man finishing up High school and soon enlisting into College is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his problems as he learns that his family is in debt to a group of shady criminals. Adding to the list of problems, our young hero needs to save enough money before his College semester begins and find a date for prom night! Summertime Saga APK Download is wholly supported by generous donations on Patreon. Please give us a bit of your loose change if you have any to spare!

Summertime Saga APK Download CHEATS A. ERIK’S CARDS 1. Go to Erik’s Basement, then go to the backroom (room at the right of the basement) 2. Look into the cabinet under the aquarium 3. Talk to Erik at mid-day in his room, choose “Cards” option. B. “COCK CROWN OF THORNS” CARD Need 50$ to buy it 1. Go to the Mall, then at the Comic Store, left at Pink (sex store) 2. Click on the cards’ showcase (under ths figurines’ showcase) 3. Buy the 2nd card : Cock Crown of Thorns 4. Talk to Erik at mid-day in his room, choose “Cock Crown of Thorns” option. C. UNLOCK ANNA, YOGA APPRENTICE 1. At mid-day, go to the gym, then in the Yoga Room (at the back of the Gym’s room) 2. Talk to Mrs. Johnson, choose “What was at ?” option : Anna appears during conversation. Continue the main storyline : Let one day pass D. THE PACKAGE : ORCETTE SEX TOY Need to repair your computer 1. At mid-day, talk to Erik in the basement 2. Go to his bedroom : if “The Package” is an option of the conversation, it’s OK, else continue the main storyline. 3. Go to your bedroom, click on “Egay” on your computer, type “Orcette” in the search bar, then purchase the item. 4. Wait until Tuesday, check your mail box at front of your house, and take the box : don’t mind the 2 options. 5. Go to Erik’s house at morning, talk to Mrs Johnson 6. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom and talk to him : choose “The package” option. E. MRS. JOHNSON VISITS YOU : ERIK IS BULLIED Need Dexterity up to 4 (Sister quest : trading pants twice – Electro Clit trade for pant the 2nd time.) 1. Sleep, and at morning Mom enters your room and say Mrs Johnson is at the door. 2. Go to entrance : Mrs Johnson talks to you. 3. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom : Erik talks about his trouble. 4. Go to school : MC beaten by Dexter. Leave hospital. 5. Go to the entrance of your house : Mrs. Johnson and Mom discussion. F. YOGA PRACTICE Need to complete E. Need 700$. 1. Visit Erik at his basement : he’s drinking whiskey. 2. Go to the Comic Store at the mall, left at Pink (sex store) 3. Buy the VR glasses (in shelf, up to the figures’ showcase) : 600$ 4. Click on the shelf at left of the store, buy the game “World of Orcette” : 100$ 5. Talk to Erik in his bedroom, choose “VR Headset” option. 6. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning : she needs you to Yoga practice. 7. At night, go to gym, then to the Yoga Room : talk to Anna. 8. Choose “Downward Dog”, then “Happy Baby” and finally “Plow Position” 9. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning : she needs you for her Yoga exercise. G. MRS JOHNSON BREASTFEEDING ERIK Need to complete F. 1. At morning, go to Erik’s bedroom. Then go to Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom : she’s breastfeeding her son. 2. Let one day pass. 3. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning : choose “Breastfeeding” option. 4. Go to Erik’s bedroom, and choose “Your mom” option. H. ROBBERY AT ERIK’S HOUSE NO NEED to unlock the Police Station (do homework once, go to Mia’s House at mid-day) Need Dexterity up to 5. Need to sleep several times to trigger random telescope scene. 1. When MC is hearing noise outside when sleeping, choose “Use the telescope”. 2. Go to the Backyard, click on the robber. — If Police Station is unlocked 3. GO to the Police Station, then to Police Basement. 4. Talk to Larry (Erik’s Dad). 5. Go to Erik’s house : Mrs Johnson discussion. 6. At mid-day, talk to Erik in his bedroom : choose “Message from your Dad.” option. 7. Talk to Larry at Police Basement, then go to Park. Click on white tree. 8. Click on bag then on key. I.PLAY POKER Need to complete H.2. Need Charisma up to 5 1. Let pass one day. 2. Go to Erik’s house : Mrs Johnson and Erik discussion. 3. At night, go to Mrs Johnson bedroom, choose “Invite to Poker” 4. Offer a drink (click on bottle of whiskey in basement) 5. Win Poker game by stripping Mrs Johnson. 6. Choose “Go see her” option. Then go to basement’s backroom. Click on Mrs Johnson : teasing scene. 7. Let one day pass. Go to Erik’s house : Mrs Johnson discussion. 8. Talk to Erik at mid-day. SAVE AT THIS POINT : 3 SPLIT PATHS J. THE THREE PATHS Need to complete I. 1. Talk to Mrs Johnson : Erik’s House Entrance if morning, Mrs Johnson’s bedroom if night. 2. Choose “About Erik” option. 3. Three options : i. “Sex education” ii. “Get him a girlfriend” iii. “Save menu” (if you want to save here, use ESCAPE button then SAVE, do not choose “Save menu” option else severe bug) K-i. SEX EDUCATION : THREESOME JOHNSON FAMILY + MC Need to choose (i) at J-3 point. 1. Let pass one day. Go to Erik’s bedroom : Erik conversation. 2. Go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom : trigger side-quest Birth Control Pills and Karma Sutra book 3. Go to the Library, click on shelf and click on Yoga Kamasutra book. 4. Go to the Hospital. 5. Talk to the receptionnist Roz : choose “Schedule” option. 6. Go to 2nd floor, click on right door, and click on phone. Go to 1st floor, click on reception desk, then click on box keys : take card “STORAGE” card (access key). 7. Go to 2nd floor, click on right door, then click on up-left window : take “ANTI PREG” pills 8. GO to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom : MC gives her items. 9. Let one day pass, go to Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom. Click on her : choose “Sex education” option and ENJOY. K-ii. GIRLFRIEND FOR ERIK : 2 PATHS Need to choose (ii) at J-3 point. 1. Go to Erik’s bedroom, choose “Girlfriend” option. 2. Go to school, then to Computer Lab (next to Cafeteria) 3. Click on the geek girl, June. Choose “Ask about class”. 4. Two options : i. “My friend Erik” ii. “I’ll play” iii. “Save menu” (if you want to save here, use ESCAPE button then SAVE, do not choose “Save menu” option else severe bug) L-i. PRIVATE YOGA : MRS JOHNSON ON MC Need to choose (i) at K-4 point. 1. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom. Talk to Erik and choose “Girlfriend” option. 2. At night, go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom. Talk to her and choose “Girlfriend” option. 3. Let one daypass. Go to Erik’s house : Erik and June discussion. 4. At night, go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom. Click on her : choose “Private Yoga” option and ENJOY. L-ii. Need to choose (ii) at K-4 point. Need 300$. 1. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom. Talk to Erik and choose “Girlfriend” option. 2. At night, go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom. Talk to her and choose “Girlfriend” option. 3. Let one daypass. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose “Hang out” option. 4. At night, in your bedroom, talk to June, and choose “Play games” option. 5. Win the mini-game. Choose “It’s hot” option. 6. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose “Cosplay” option. 7. Go to Comic Store, left at Pink (sex store). Click on costume, and buy “Orcette Queen” outfit. 8. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose “Cosplay” option : give her the outfit. 9. At night, in your bedroom, talk to June : June wears outfit, fuck scene. 10. Each time you “Hang out” her (Computer Lab), you can fuck her at night in your bedroom : “Cosplay Sex” or “Sex”.

ABOUT THE NEW UPDATE v0.17.5 for Summertime Saga APK Download

    v.0.17.5: New Features:

  • Earn interests weekly on your savings at the Bank! Interest rate is 3%
  • Beach House price has been reduced to $5000
  • Santa riding the streets of Summerville
  • Updated the Cookie Jar in Summertime Saga APK Download
  • New quests and cutscenes
  • New holiday decorations
  • Cupid store interface improved with new items
  • Added time skipping functionality to all front yards (direct children of the map, including MC's bedroom)
  • 2 new achievements to unlock (they are secret achievements)
  • Added a toggle for save locking (if you really want to load an earlier save file)

- This is on by default, which means it will prevent you from loading an earlier save - This has no menu option (that is intentional) - To disable savegame locking, set persistent.enable_save_locking to False Rework of the codebase:

  • New Martinez character art and rig
  • New Consuela character art and rig
  • Added label notification (enable from the debug menu - General) for debugging purposes
  • Added night version of the treehouse wood pile, the scroll at the hill and the stick at the hill.

New Characters:

  • Meet Consuela Martinez, on Thursdays at the Beach House
  • Remember that odd item from Diane's barn? You should start investigating

New sex scenes:

  • One new sex scene (2 angles and animations)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed save resetting when taking the Pregnax pills.
  • Fixed Diane being in the shed when entering for paint.
  • Fixed being able to check the school's lockers at night.
  • Pregnancies are now in sequence (and not in parallel). This is to still be able to see each character at the hospital, even if they get pregnant on the same day
  • Added missing lewd Diane closeup (drunk on her bed)
  • Fixed being able to start the school delivery (Diane quest) on the weekend.
  • Fixed Tony meeting you for the first time twice.
  • Fixed "Debbie's sleeping" dialogue triggering when Debbie isn't in her room for one reason or another.
  • Fixed incorrect button usage during Diane's evening visit (in Diane's story, not Debbie's)
  • Fixed hill tree screen not hiding on Summertime Saga APK Download
  • Fixed Diane's outfit being the wrong one during the pie quest.
  • Fixed Day 0 Sleep issue.
  • Fixed being able to exit the stolen goods screen without taking the key
  • Fixed daytime scene on using the workshop in the garage when it's night time.
  • Fixed time going back one tick if saving right after manually ticking time on the map/bedroom/etc
  • Fixed a bug that would trigger a night scene during daytime when entering the bedroom after watching a movie with Debbie for the second time.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Mia to lock you out of your sleep Summertime Saga APK Download
  • Fixed a bug that caused Diane to never see you jack it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Debbie to be forever naked by the pool, if you slept before bringing her a towel.
  • Fixed being able to craft the glue for Dewitt at night time
  • Fixed the game.timer.image() function. It now displays images correctly regardless of period (Christmas, Halloween, ...), time of day and extra information.

  Summertime Saga APK Download OLD VERSION HISTORY: _v0.15.3 =  DOWNLOAD APK (575MB) _v0.15.1 =  DOWNLOAD APK (574.9MB) _v0.14.52 =  DOWNLOAD APK (515MB) + SAVE DATA (3.28MB) _v0.14.31 =  DOWNLOAD APK (972MB) + SAVE DATA (608KB) _v0.16 =  DOWNLOAD APK (647MB) _v0.16.1 =  DOWNLOAD APK (647MB) + SAVE DATA (608KB)  



MIRROR DOWNLOAD for Summertime Saga APK Download

in case APK FILE link below does not work. Just download here: MEGA.NZ: DOWNLOAD[711MB]    

For PC DOWNLOAD Summertime Saga:

Downloads: PC: MEGA  Mac: MEGA 


 Summertime Saga EXTRAS:

Enable rollback + Mouse Wheel + Unren Fix: Post

Complete save except Diane's story: HERE Incest Patch on Lewdpatcher Extras: Lain's Mod Pack (0.17): Here - ikaruga mod: Here
















File Name: Summertime Saga (HotFix Release) File Version: v0.18
Click the download button below, in some case, there is more than one file to be downloaded, usually, it’s the APK file and the Data files. In order for the game to be working flawlessly, you need to download both of them. Click the download button and then you’ll be redirected to the download server (sometimes we stored our files in Google Drive).

Download the game APK file, After Download Finish, tap the downloaded file in your notification bar and Install.

Or go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder, find the game apk and install it.

Install Blocked?
Go to your Settings > Security > Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)

Download game APK file and Game Cache

Go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder.

Find the gamecache file and tap long press the file and tap the menu in your phone and tap Extract or Decompressed.

After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file

You can now Install the apk and open it.

Cant get it?
See our video How to install with gamecache in facebook fan page
To know your phone GPU you need to install certain apps, or just do a little search about your phone on Google. If you prefer withan apps, you can try to download CPU-Z.


For PC Download downloads is now available. Please read game description for detail info.


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    will give the Saved data file..dont worry u will NOT lose it

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  25. nardskiey says:

    other already donwnloaded this game with no problems at all..i dont know y ur phone cant install the apk file.. Step 1 – Go to Settings. Step 2 – Go to Security. Step 3 – Scroll down and check “Unknown sources” box.

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    u need to completely download the file..make sure check file size

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    Keep updating it everyone, head to summertime saga official website to get check for more info and updates 0.5.3 is aviable now for fixing stuck quests and bugs

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    read game description:
    – Extract and put the save folder in Android/Data/summer.time.saga/files/

    -Open the game, and tap LOAD, and tap the box that has an images

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  128. nardskiey says:

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    can you plz help me how to install this game

  137. nardskiey says:

    whats your RAM?

  138. nardskiey says:

    check file size. . it could be the file u downloaded is incomplete

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    plz help me in this

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  143. Dciee says:

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  144. Spyware says:

    I cant pass ‘kompas production’ waited like 15 minutes its broken please fix it using samsung Galaxy J nxt 32gb rom 3 gb ram!

  145. Jasper says:

    There is a bug..for the kitten in the graveyard..and roxy quest..everytime i help her and give her my homework..nother quest is strting..pom poms quest..but when im going to get that to ms says i must give my homeork first to roxy.but when im going to give it to says she need the pompoms..cycle goes..repeatedly…help admin thanks

  146. Anonymous says:

    Please help I can’t use saves

  147. Anonymous says:

    Save files I mean …

  148. LOL says:

    The game doesn’t load.. Stuck on logo
    How to fix it?

  149. Gastis says:

    Why couldn’t not load the😢

  150. Gastis says:


  151. Shubham says:

    New version is not good Mai story Glitch
    Car dealers Glitch many problems face in new version 0.16.0

  152. Hydeista says:

    How to patch the incest patch file?

  153. Cesar says:

    Hola el juego es excelente lo he jugado en varias ocasiones, pero aquí no puedo hacer la misión de la reparación del auto de debbie, me sale error y se vuelve a la pantalla de inicio, también miss okita me pide nuevamente el keycode de su sala privada cuando termine la misión del cinturón vibrador…ayuda…!!

  154. qwerty quick says:

    Bakit may mga scenes na may bugs pa? Paano mawawala yun?

  155. Anonymous says:

    I need full version

  156. nardskiey says:

    el juego todavía está en modo beta, la nueva actualización vendrá para arreglar los errores

  157. nardskiey says:

    will wait for next update to fix the bugs

  158. nardskiey says:

    lots of issues on this update, will wait for next update to fix this bug

  159. nardskiey says:

    lots of issues on this update, will wait for next update to fix this bug

  160. nardskiey says:

    lots of issues on this update, will wait for next update to fix this bug

  161. nardskiey says:

    lots of issues on this update, will wait for next update to fix this bug

  162. nardskiey says:

    lots of issues on this update, will wait for next update to fix this bug

  163. nardskiey says:

    lots of issues on this update, will wait for next update to fix this bug

  164. nardskiey says:

    lots of issues on this update, will wait for next update to fix this bug

  165. Abdee says:

    Why cant download??

  166. dudeNextDoor says:

    Does the incest patch works on v0.16? And how and where should i put the incest patch?

  167. nardskiey says:

    skip ad to download files sir

  168. vince says:

    What version i need to play the latest or need the old version to understand the story thanks 💪

  169. kantotero says:

    pano yung incest patch?ano mangyayare?

  170. King says:

    I need the hack version plz

  171. Milo says:

    Why i cant download summertime saga, please help me tutorial

  172. nardskiey says:

    click download button then SKIP AD to download files

  173. Kira says:

    This is quite late tho the official sts site release this version 2 to 3 days prior to the roxxy patch and its free to download even if you are not a patreon

  174. Anonymous says:

    How do i apply the incest patch ??? Is it even possible on android ???

  175. Salem says:

    What is the difference between this V and the previous one ?

  176. Taga says:

    Why loading is late?

  177. Suchi says:

    When you add next update bro

  178. jack says:

    new version not working
    it is not opening

  179. nardskiey says:

    next month bro

  180. nardskiey says:

    see changelog on the game description

  181. nardskiey says:

    this is the latest version for android

  182. When i open the app after installing, the game stuck up in OMPAS Productions! Admin help me

  183. Jack sparrow says:

    0.17 please

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