Zenonia 2 APK Download MODS [v1.0.5] Overview:

The prologue of Zenonia 2 begins with the story of Regret defeating and sealing Ladon. To prevent his resurrection and return to the human world, four heroes, including Regret, were chosen to prevent him from returning to Zenonia through the power of the four gems, and were praised by the people of Leo. Due to the damage of Leo, it was rebuilt as Deva Castle. However, people became full of greed and the world fell into darkness once again. To purify this world, leaves from the Tree of Life fell to the ground, and people began to lose all their memories.

Choose from four characters, Daza, Lu, Morpice, and Ecne, each with their own story, class, and unique skills.

Game Updated: Oct 9, 2022
Developer: Com2uS Holdings Corporation
File Size: 11 MB
Category: RPG APK Games
Version: 1.0.5

Zenonia 2 Mod Features [v1.0.5] :

Hack/Mod: Super Mod + Paid App {This mod has modded save files at the beginning of the game}
• Max Gold {976,976,976}
• Max Stat Points {65,535}
• Lots Of Skill Points {500}

Save includes Ecne, Lu & Daza. I didn't do Morpice for 2 reasons.
• There is only 3 save slots and 4 characters.
• He's a magician and I'm not a fan of magic users in games.
This save starts just after you break out of your cell and go through the first door, so if you don't know the story, download and install the game, play the tutorial and watch the beginning and after that restore the save data via Titanium Backup.

You will start with...
• Max Gold {976,976,976} More than enough to last the whole game.

• Max Stat Points {65,535} This is a 2byte value so that's as high as I could get it to go, but more than enough to make you invincible if you like.

• Lots Of Skill Points {500} Plenty to max out all your skill "Active & Passive" right from the get go if you like.

zenonia 2 apk download mods

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Zenonia 1 Installation:

1. Download APK/MOD and OBB FILE
2. Install the APK and PLAY!

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