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Naruto Shippuden Legends – Akatsuki Rising

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Naruto Shippuden Legends APK Android PPSSPP _v[USA].iso + Settings

Naruto Shippuden Legends APK Android PPSSPP _v[USA].iso + Best Settings is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and you can play this game on android using PPSSPP emulator best settings.

Naruto Shippuden Legends APK Android PPSSPP _v[USA].iso + Best Settings is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and you can play this game on android using PPSSPP emulator best settings.


Game Info:

Game Title: Naruto Shippuden Legends APK Android PPSSPP
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Genre: Action
Image Format: .ISO
File Size: 728 MB



The story of Naruto Shippuden Legends APK Android PPSSPP begins in Sunagakure, the Akatsuki duo of Deidara and Sasori made their way to the village in search of Gaara. Deidara went off to fight Gaara alone while Sasori guarded the entrance. Gaara intercepted Deidara during the battle and managed to crush one of Deidara’s arms using his Sand Binding Coffin. Despite his improved ability, Gaara’s newfound desire to defend Sunagakure proved to be his downfall. When Deidara tried to destroy the village with his Explosive Clay, Gaara absorbed the blast by levitating the sand below. A direct attack by Deidara forced him to recall the sand that crushed Deidara’s arm, which contained a small portion of explosive clay within. The clay then detonated, incapacitating Gaara. After Deidara departed with Gaara, Kankuro attempted to stop the Akatsuki members alone, but his puppets were easily fought off and destroyed by Sasori, who was revealed to be the maker of Kankuro’s puppets. Sasori poisoned Kankuro in the process, leaving him to die. The Akatsuki duo took Gaara back to their lair, where their leader summoned a giant statue to extract and seal Gaara’s demon. The sealing ritual took three days.

Upon hearing of Gaara’s kidnapping, Team Kakashi left for Sunagakure. On the way, they met with and were joined by Temari, who was on her way back from being Suna’s representative at the Chūnin Exams in Konoha. On their way, Naruto Uzumaki told Sakura Haruno and Temari that he is the host of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and that Akatsuki are after the demon inside Gaara. After learning this, Sakura vowed to do everything she could to protect Naruto from being a victim of Akatsuki. Temari was thankful that there was finally someone who could understand Gaara and grateful to Naruto Shippuden Legends APK Android PPSSPP for changing Gaara and attempting to save him.

After arriving at Sunagakure, Team Kakashi learned of the attack on Kankuro. Despite the failed attempt by the medics on-hand, Sakura cured Kankuro, thus demonstrating her skill with medical techniques. Sakura also developed several portable antidotes rather quickly. Using a piece of Sasori’s clothing found on one of Kankuro’s destroyed puppets, Team Kakashi was able to track him, thus leading them to Gaara. Temari offered to assist them, but Chiyo, another puppeteer and Sasori’s grandmother, went in her place. Back in Konoha, Tsunade decided to send Team Guy as backup for Team Kakashi.



Best Game Settings:

To get best and smooth experience in this game you should change game settings of PPSSPP Emulator as the following snapshots.


Graphic Settings:





System Settings:


You’re done! You have successfully copied the best settings for PPSSPP. You can now play PSP games on your Android/iOS phones smoothly.

I hope these settings help you to better play the PPSSPP emulator on your Android device. Do not forget to share this blog with your friends on facebook or any other social profile.


Any Link does not work? Having trouble? Feel free to ask/inform in comments down below.


File Name: Naruto Shippuden Legends – Akatsuki Rising File Version: v[USA].iso
Click the download button below, in some case, there is more than one file to be downloaded, usually, it’s the APK file and the Data files. In order for the game to be working flawlessly, you need to download both of them. Click the download button and then you’ll be redirected to the download server (sometimes we stored our files in Google Drive).

Download the game APK file, After Download Finish, tap the downloaded file in your notification bar and Install.

Or go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder, find the game apk and install it.

Install Blocked?
Go to your Settings > Security > Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)

Download game APK file and Game Cache

Go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder.

Find the gamecache file and tap long press the file and tap the menu in your phone and tap Extract or Decompressed.

After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file

You can now Install the apk and open it.

Cant get it?
See our video How to install with gamecache in facebook fan page
To know your phone GPU you need to install certain apps, or just do a little search about your phone on Google. If you prefer withan apps, you can try to download CPU-Z.


1.Download PPSSPP_Gold APK (if u dont have this yet) and ISO zipped file
2.Extract the Zip file
3.Install PPSSPP Emulator in your android file by clicking on the APK file.
4.Now, open PPSSPP Emulator and load the Naruto Shippuden Legends – Akatsuki Rising [USA].iso for PSP ROM.
5. Wait for some time until it loads the game.
6. Once the game is installed, follow the on-screen instruction, select your player and enjoy!


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