Disneys Tarzan APK Download [v2.1] Overview:

In this adaptation of Walt Disney’s animated film of the same name, Disney’s Tarzan for the PlayStation swings into action with 13 levels set within a dangerous jungle. While the graphics are in 3D, play involves moving from left to right to find the exit, similar to that of a 2D platform game. Levels begin with animated film clips, each telling part of the story as Tarzan grows from a young boy to a man.

The jungle is filled with dangerous animals that will diminish Tarzan’s health (represented by a vine) every time he makes contact with them. Among the animals you’ll encounter are frogs, baboons, rhinos, alligators, coconut-dropping birds and even enemy hunters. Of course, not all of the animals are there to hurt you. Your friend, a female gorilla named Terk, will offer some tips along the way, and Tantor the elephant can also help out during certain stages.

Moves include swinging from vine to vine, climbing trees or ledges, jumping over enemies and pounding the ground. The latter technique is useful for revealing hidden power-ups or breaking certain structures so you can continue onward. Tarzan can also throw an unlimited number of fruit at the animals as well as use a knife and spear (once found).

Game Updated: Oct 16, 2022
Developer: Disney Interactive
File Size: 22 MB
Category: Action APK Games
Version: 2.1

Disneys Tarzan APK Download Features [v2.1] :

• Third person perspective
• 3D Graphics
• Cartoon Graphics
• Fantasy & Cartoon themes.

disneys tarzan apk download

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