Disneys Hercules APK Download [v2.4] Overview:

The game is based on Disney’s animated cartoon movie. You take control of Hercules, son of the god Zeus and a mortal woman, the strongest man in the world and the legendary hero in the Greek mythology. Your goal is to prove yourself worthy of being admitted to Mount Olympus, the residence of gods, and to become a god yourself. You must commit heroic deeds and overcome various obstacles to show your strength and courage. Hades, the overlord of the dead, is making it even more difficult for you by sending fearsome Titans to stop you.

This is a 2D platform action game. Hercules can jump, grab ledges, swing on poles, and jump while running. He has a variety of attack moves at his disposal. He can execute a basic attack with his sword, or pull out different combo attacks. He can also Power Punch enemies, but he needs time to charge for this powerful attack. He can even slam the ground to reveal secret areas by performing a certain move while jumping. There are also different power-ups to collect, such as coins to grant bonus points at the end of the level, Disneys Hercules APK DownloadAction Figures to increase your hero rating, and upgrades to your sword – Sonic, Lightning, and Fireball swords.

Game Updated: Oct 12, 2022
Developer: Disney Interactive
File Size: 2 GB
Category: Adventure APK Games
Version: 2.4

Disneys Hercules APK Download Features [v2.4] :

• Battle through ancient worlds with your favorite characters from the movie in the only game where you become Disney's Hercules.
• Ten stages of heroic gameplay where you battle the Titans, defend Thebes, rescue Meg from the Underworld and more.
• Hidden areas, Herculade power-ups and magical weapons ensure hours of replayability. Mystery ""passwords"" let you finish gameplay later.
• All the excitement and humor of the movie come to life with original character voices, music and actual sequences from the film.
• Multiple levels of difficulty make it perfect for gamers of all ages.

disneys hercules apk download

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