Wall of insanity for Android APK + OBB:

Wall of Insanity, a brand new game from the makers of Slaughter is now available. It features dark stories and intense action as well as a mysterious journey into an uncharted world.

The unknown awaits you. You will be plunged into madness and anxiety. You will find it difficult to navigate the deep abyss.

Game Updated: 2023-08-28
Developer: Ray Spark
Censored: No
OS: Android
Language: English

– MENU MOD – God Mode

– With the help of firearms, active battles. Survival is dependent on quick reaction time and accuracy with weapons. To escape the horrors of this world, you can use elements in your environment.

You will be taken to another dimension where madness, fear and sorrow reign. You are in for a terrifying, mysterious and dangerous environment that has been carefully crafted. What will your limits be?

There are many enemies and traps around every corner. You should carefully examine your surroundings. Avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Study your enemies. You can save your ammunition by choosing carefully. And your life.

Explore the globe to expand and replenish your inventory. You will need weapons and other useful objects. To overcome all odds, you will need to find secrets and other workarounds.

Wall of Insanity has simple controls and gamepad that allow for optimization. It also allows you to customize your graphics.

Wall of insanity Game Genre:

Action, Offline, Shooter

Download APK File: Download MegaDownload Mirror

Installation Instruction:

1. Install the APK Launch the game and Enjoy

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