Survivalist Invasion MOD for Android APK + OBB:

The legendary hero is off to the next task – but this time he won’t be able to win without your help! Only together you can unlock all the secrets of the archipelago lost in the ocean and save our world from the deadly threat.

Survivalist: invasion is a new exciting survival game with advanced RPG elements. Find yourself on “paradise” tropical islands, where powerful secret societies and terrorist organizations are conducting experiments that can dramatically change the history of mankind. Stand in their way along with a special agent, known as U.N.Known, and stop the imminent global catastrophe!

Game Updated: 2023-10-04
Developer: Megaloot LLC
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.266
OS: Android
Language: English

You will also find some interesting RPG elements and an engaging storyline. You can improve your weapons and armor. Complete quests and meet new characters. Participate in the battle against several powerful factions. Prepare for an exciting journey filled with danger, puzzles, and frightening discoveries. The most mysterious area on Earth is this archipelago. Many people tried to conquer the evil forces lurking in this archipelago, from American intelligence agencies to hidden scientists. Only Global Revolution Army was recognized in many countries as a terrorist group. They succeeded, but how? Is it more complex than first appears?

This is what you have to do. U.N.Known, a former commandero and master martial artist will provide assistance in this difficult task. You dont have to listen to him. Make your own decisions. Learn the laws of Survival on the Islands of Survivalist.

– Unlimited Money
– Free Construction

Survivalist Invasion MOD Game Genre:

Adventure, Online, Survival

Download APK/MOD File: Download Mega

Installation Instruction:

1. Install the APK Launch the game and Enjoy

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