Hungry Dragon Mod for Android APK + OBB:

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk lets you unleash your fiery passion from the top! Fly, burn and feast your way through an ancient world full of legends monsters as well as deliciously unaware prey.

Unleash fiery fury from above in Hungry Dragon, a fun and frantic action-arcade rampage where everything and everyone is on the menu! Control ferocious dragons, flying, burning and devouring your way through a medieval realm packed with deliciously unsuspecting prey!

Game Updated: 2023-09-11
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Censored: No
Version: 2.10
OS: Android
Language: English

 Collect 10 ferocious, fire-breathing Dragons, each unique in their own way
 Unlock crazy Costumes to fly faster, burn bigger, and eat more
 Equip exotic Pets to boost your burning and biting power
 Level up by feasting on tasty townsfolk and other delicious prey

 Explore and destroy villages, forests, caves, mines and more
 Smash through obstacles to access new zones and hidden areas
 Feed on more for a higher score – Hungry Dragons are never satisfied!

 Go on a grilling spree in a huge free-roaming kingdom in epic 3D
 Activate Fire Rush and release an inferno incinerating all in your path!
 Roast a medieval feast of birds, soldiers, trolls, witches, and much more

Hungry Dragon Mod Game Genre:

Arcade, Offline, Time Killer

Download APK File: Download Mega

Download APK/MOD File: Download Mega

Installation Instruction:

1. Install the APK Launch the game and Enjoy

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