Dark Raider MOD for Android APK + OBB:

Story of Dark Raider is quite amazing and simple. The world you have known is now acquired by the dark evils. The apocalypse has arrived. The gods has given a chance to defeat evils. The door has opened and all you have got to do is destroy enemies. You have a last chance to prove your worth by defeating every dungeon and its evils.
We have least offline games but i am trying to bring best action offline games to you. Right now Dark Raider on Android is the latest android game which is released today. It has 3 Different heroes including warrior,mage and barbarian. Each hero has different skills and stats. you can use them when you progress in the game. all these heroes has different play styles and you can use them as you like.

The graphics looks classic and the gameplay is unique. You will have different skills to use and different combos to make. Simple joystick button to move your character in 2.5D Graphics style and use Attack buttons to do your combos. There are various skills available including one mega skills to defeat enemies. You can deal mega damages to enemies. The retry art style is the different thing here which is surely making more enjoyable. If you like hardcore action games then Dark Raider on Android is the special one available on Android.

Game Updated: 2023-10-27
Developer: Triniti Interactive Studios Limited
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Android
Language: English


Random maps are used in the game. You must explore new places and defeat different monsters each time you die. The player won’t do the same run twice.


Three heroes can be unlocked as the mainline progresses. These are Warrior Mage, Barbarian and Barbarian. Warrior is a fast-moving warrior who can deal with quick enemies. Mage is a mage who specializes in burst damage. She can do a lot of damage but is very soft. Barbarian is focused on survival. He has greater defense and health, but also has slower attack speeds.

 To make it more immersive, the dungeon also makes use of TFR-ISO. This fantasy world will be open to the player, allowing them to enjoy the adventure and explore it.

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You can find the right character for you by choosing from a variety of characters.

 You can combine different combos with your enemies to win hardcore combat.

 23 bosses await your epic boss battle

 A unique art style creates a dark and mysterious dungeon.

Dark Raider MOD Game Genre:

RPG, Hack and Slash, Offline

Download APK/MOD File: Download Mega


Installation Instruction:

1. Install the APK Launch the game and Enjoy

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